During my readings I came across a quote that really sparked an interest in me: "our tears are a re-creation of the primordial ocean which bathed the first eyes." This quote is in reference to how the very first creature that evolved to have eyes lived in the ocean and the primitive eye was cleansed using the ocean's salt water. The author of the quote R.L. Gregory theorizes that humans evolved to have saline fluids clean our eyes instead of the sea. 
This animation is intended to be displayed as a projection map: the eyes are to be projected onto shells, blinking and occasionally excreting a tear. In addition to the physical shells, a basin of salt water sat below the shells and the tears will "collect" in the pool of water once they finish dripping.

Nautilus Eye from R.L. Gregory's Eye and Brain: The Psychology of Seeing 
3D Renders

animation of the eye blinking 

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