Made in Adobe After Effects | 2019

The original tale of “Hou Yi” tells of how the world used to have ten suns who would take turns patrolling the skies each day. One day, they decided to all come out and subsequently wanted to continue doing their sun duties together. With the intensity of ten suns scorching the Earth each day, crops died, temperatures rose to extreme levels, and the landscape transformed into a fiery desolate land. Hou Yi, a legendary archer, was called upon to deal with the problem. He eventually shot all but one of them down, with each sun transforming into a three-legged raven when shot. I take this tale and reinscribe it within modern contexts such as climate change and the political climate. With the impacts of climate change warming the Earth and causing various other problems like weather extremities, I am reminded of Hou Yi’s world after its exposure to the multiple suns. After reading that much of the world’s climate problems stem from corporations, I carciaturized the CEO’s of some of these corporations and placed them within my new and modern telling of “Hou Yi.”
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